Where to Eat the Best Waffles in Brussels

The waffle is a Belgian specialty known throughout the world as the “Belgian waffle”. But in Belgium, depending on the type of waffle, they are called Brussels waffles or Liège waffles, and in some places they even serve Flanders waffles. The curious thing is that although both types of waffles are sold in Brussels, in Brussels it … Read more

Top 8 Restaurants in Brussels

Typical scene in a street full of restaurants in Brussels

The following 8 restaurants in Brussels are not where you can eat cheaply. But if your wallet allows, be sure to visit one of the places in this list as they are among the top 20 restaurants in Brussels. 1. Restaurant Le Rabassier The restaurant menu offers delicious European and French cuisine. It is very … Read more

Belgian national cuisine – what to try as a tourist

Belgian cuisine is rooted in the distant Middle Ages. National culinary traditions were formed under the influence of three powerful pillars – French, German and Dutch cuisines. Home cooking is characterized by simple cooking technology, the most affordable set of products. The restaurants serve more refined treats – this is influenced by French cuisine. National … Read more

Best Budget Restaurants in Brussels for Tasty and Affordable Food

Brussels is a mecca for foodies. Tourists from all over the world come here not only to visit the sights, but also to experience its fantastic restaurants. The diversity of this metropolis is also reflected in its restaurants. Many are marked with Michelin stars and are quite consistent with their high quality dishes. But there … Read more

Charleroi, Belgium: things to see and do and how to reach

The city of Charleroi (Belgium) is located in the Walloon region near Brussels and closes the three largest settlements of the state. The Belgians call Charleroi the capital of the “Black Country”. This nickname reflects the history of the region – the fact is that Charleroi was a large industrial center in Belgium, there were … Read more

Must see sites in Antwerp

Antwerp rightfully earned the status of the most famous and interesting city in Belgium. The best diamond cutting masters are known worldwide for their professionalism, they sew the best designer clothes here, and the taste of Belgian chocolate is likely to leave you wanting for more. However, the fame of the city is not limited … Read more

8 museums in Brussels that are worth a visit

Brussels is a city of contrasts, combining contemporary art with a rich historical heritage. A great many museums exhibiting collections on completely different subjects, ranging from art to atomic energy, have become one of the assets of the homeland of Magritte. Museums in Brussels annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the … Read more

Ghent, Belgium – most popular attractions and tourist’s guide to the city

For curious travelers, Europe has stocked up many interesting places where the ancient spirit still hangs. Ghent (Belgium) became one of such places. The country often becomes the choice of tourists for spending several days, and just Ghent, along with Antwerp and Bruges, is rightfully recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. … Read more

Ostend – a guide to the seaside resort in Belgium

Ostend (Belgium) is a world-famous resort located off the coast of the North Sea. Its wide beaches, incredible views and spectacular architecture annually attract several million tourists, and even its small size (the local population is only 70 thousand) does not prevent it from being a must-see destination for those who come to Belgium. The … Read more

Travel guide to Liege, Belgium – a potpourri of old and new cultures

Liege (Belgium) – the largest city of the province of the same name, located on the banks of the river Meuse. One of the industrial centers of the country, it is not considered a popular destination for tourists, but this does not affect its beauty and non-standard atmosphere. In Liege, history and modernity are combined, … Read more