Tourist’s guide to Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic: old city in a new world

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – the very first city to appear on the map of America. Many houses, streets and even the airport are associated with the name of one person – Christopher Columbus. Photo: cities of Santo Domingo Related entries: Tourist’s guide to Aachen City, Germany’s oldest spa and healing resort Columbus Lighthouse: most … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Macau Beach – Dominican Republic’s last wild beach

Macau beach (Dominican Republic) is not only a business card, but also one of the best resort areas of the country. Being almost the only wild zone in the whole republic, it completely retained its original nature and exotic appearance. Beach features If you look at the Macau beach in the Dominican Republic on the … Read more

Columbus Lighthouse: most expensive unfinished building in Dominican Republic

The Columbus Lighthouse is one of the most noteworthy sights of the Dominican Republic. A monument of architecture in the city of Santo Domingo. The construction of the lighthouse lasted 6 years, about $ 70 million was spent from the treasury. Why is the construction of such interest among tourists? First of all, its appearance … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Punta Cana in Dominican Republic: beaches and relaxation

If in the world somewhere there are “bounty” beaches, it is, of course, in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). Here, beaches are still preserved, not sprinkled with flour and not tinted with bright colors in Photoshop. The real landscapes of the resort of Punta Cana practically do not differ from photos in glossy magazines and advertising … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Saona Island – a paradise in the Dominican Republic

Saona Island, reminiscent of a paradise, is called the heart and soul of the Dominican Republic, as well as the diamond of the Caribbean. Locals say that to visit the Dominican Republic and not to visit Saona is equivalent to the fact that, while relaxing in Paris, you will not climb the Eiffel Tower. Despite … Read more

Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic – what to see and how to visit

Catalina Island covers an area of ​​only 10 km2, but despite such a modest size, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic. The island with its silk beaches, clear water and palm groves is more like a postcard with picturesque views of the island of Bounty. Local authorities protect … Read more

Juan Dolio – tourist’s guide to the beach resort in the Dominican Republic

Today’s review of Juan Dolio (Dominican Republic) will interest, first of all, lovers of a calm, leisurely vacation. Compared to other Dominican resorts, the prices are quite affordable, but there is no abundance of attractions. The main purpose of the trip is comfortable beaches, great places for scuba diving. general information If you turn to … Read more

Bavaro – tourist’s guide to the most sought after beach in Dominican Republic

Bavaro Beach (Dominican Republic) is the main advantage of the tourist zone of the same name in Punta Cana, in the province with the melodic name La Altagracia. Bavaro is very close to the International Airport in Punta Cana, where most foreign tourists arrive – they are only 25 km away. This distance has become … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Samana peninsula – miles of white sand and azure waters

Samana, Dominican Republic – one of the most beautiful resorts in the country where there is everything for a good holiday: kilometers of white sand beaches, tall coconut palms, bright turquoise water and vibrant natural attractions. Photo of the resort of Samana in the Dominican Republic General information The Samana Peninsula is one of the … Read more

Best things to do in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, which occupies the eastern part of the island of Haiti and several small nearby islands, is considered among the tourists the best Caribbean destination for beach holidays. Developed upscale infrastructure, marvelous snow-white beaches, amazing beauty of wild tropical nature, architectural sights of the Dominican Republic from the era of Spanish domination – … Read more

Guide to La Romana – best place in Dominican Republic for family holidays

Although the resorts of the Dominican Republic do not require additional recommendations, you may be interested in learning more about one of the best places to stay in this republic. This is the resort of La Romana. La Romana (Dominican Republic) is perfect for a relaxing family and romantic getaway, it is also known for … Read more