Guide to Visiting Greece

Greece is a country of mysteries, myths and legends, some of which have not been revealed to this day. Even if you are visiting Greece for the umpteenth time, you will never get bored here. Every time this country will surprise you and you will have a reason to keep coming back. It is impossible to … Read more

Top Things to See in Thessaloniki in 3 Days

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, located in the north of the country. It is the administrative center of the decentralized administration of Macedonia – Thrace and a major seaport. Thessaloniki is a beautiful city with a pleasant cosmopolitan atmosphere where you can find many ancient monuments, admire the ancient Byzantine churches listed as … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Rethymnon, Crete: what to see and where to go

Rethymnon is a settlement in the western part of the island of Crete and a regional administrative center, which has preserved the comfort and charm of small European towns. Located midway between Heraklion and Chania. The sights of Rethymnon (Crete) reflect the centuries-old history of the city, the influence of different cultures and religions. sights … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Delphi: 8 attractions of the ancient city of Greece

Delphi (Greece) is an ancient settlement located on the slope of Mount Parnassus in the southeast of the region of Phocis. This is one of the most valuable cultural heritage of the country, today transformed into an open-air museum. Numerous historical monuments have been preserved on its territory, most of which have been destroyed by … Read more

Beach holidays in Chanioti on Halkidiki – what you need to know

  The small resort town of Chaniotis (also known as Hanioti), Halkidiki is a very picturesque village with favorable conditions for recreation. Anyone can have a good time here, from a budget traveler to a well-to-do vacationer. Hanioti Features Chaniotis in Greece is a small but extremely lively resort. The village is located on the … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Hersonissos, Crete: recreation and attractions

Hersonissos (Crete) is a miniature resort town located in the northern part of the island 26 km east of Heraklion. Its population is approximately 3,000. The city is formed by municipal communities grown on the basis of small villages. Translated from Greek, the name of the object is interpreted as a “peninsula.” The first people … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Kassandra – a popular beach region on Halkidiki in Greece

One of the favorite resort destinations among the Greeks and foreign tourists themselves is the peninsula in the north-east of Greece, with its outline on the map resembling an open three-fingered palm. And most of all the hotels on the first, western finger of Halkidiki: Kassandra, this is the name of this “peninsula on the … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Neos Marmaras – a lively resort on Halkidiki in Greece

Neos Marmaras is a port town and a popular resort on the west coast of the Sithonia peninsula (the second of the three “fingers” of the Halkidiki peninsula). It is located 125 km from Thessaloniki and 55 km from the city of Polygyros – on the hillsides, surrounded by picturesque pine and deciduous forests. The … Read more