Tourist’s guide to Limerick, a university city in Ireland

Ancient cities invariably attract tourists from all over the planet. Among them is Limerick, so today we are waiting for a brief virtual tour to one of the most beautiful, mysterious, romantic and ancient corners of the Kingdom of Ireland. General information Limerick Ireland, located on the west coast of the Shannon River, ranks third … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Galway – A Holiday City in the West of Ireland

Galway, Ireland – the administrative center of County Galway, the main Atlantic port of the republic, the gateway to Gaeltacht and Connemara. The city is located in the west, at the mouth of the Korrib River. It is considered the cultural capital of Ireland, where pubs tirelessly rustle and a relaxed atmosphere reigns. Good to … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Rock Cough – former residence of the Kings of Ireland

Cough Rock is one of Ireland’s most visited attractions, also known as St. Patrick’s Rock. This place is also called the rock of kings. The ancient Celtic cathedral is located in the Irish county of Tipperary. The castle, built in the 4th century, was the monarch’s residence of the provinces of southern Ireland, after 100 … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Killarney – City and National Park in Ireland

Killarney, Ireland is a small town located in the scenic area of ​​the Emerald Isle. Here, high mountain passes are combined with bottomless lakes, and unique natural beauties compete with the creations of human hands. Killarney City – General Information Killarney is a small town located in the southwest of Ireland in the county of … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Cliffs of Moher in Ireland – a world famous landmark

Cliffs of Moher – Ireland’s most amazing attraction. Every year, millions of people come to Clare County in the west of the country to experience the spirit of freedom, tranquility, and peace. According to geological research, the cliffs of Moher in Ireland formed about 8 thousand years ago. They got their name from the fort, … Read more