Tourist’s guide to Zaandam and Zaanse Schans: windmills near Amsterdam

What makes the city of Zaandam (Holland) attractive for tourists? First of all, the famous house of Peter I, because it was in this Dutch city that the Russian tsar learned the basics of shipbuilding. Millions of travelers come here to visit the unique museum under the sky – the ethnographic village of Zaanse Schans, … Read more

Coffee Shops in Amsterdam – best ones to visit, what to try, prices

Coffee shops in Amsterdam are a tourist attraction where you can absolutely try soft drugs. The most popular drug is marijuana. Let’s see – is it really possible to buy weed in the capital of the Netherlands without any problems? Are there any restrictions? Of course, the article is for informational purposes only and does … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Alkmaar – the cheese city in the Netherlands

Tourists from different parts of Europe and the world are happy to visit the small city of Alkmaar (Netherlands). The stone-frozen Middle Ages, narrow streets, countless canals, a cheese market, unhurried and measured life of citizens, interesting sights and much more make a trip to this northern city of the Netherlands extremely attractive. Local authorities … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Groningen – a student city in the Netherlands

The city of Groningen is located in the north of Holland. This is a relatively small town, but it is the largest administrative and cultural center of the Northern Netherlands. Tourists are interested in well-preserved ancient architecture and many attractions. Groningen has its own interesting features: it is called the city of students, as well … Read more

The best attractions in Amsterdam: what to see in 3 days

Amsterdam is called the city of dreams and the embodiment of freedom. Amsterdam offers tourists a variety of sights, and each person here finds something “their own,” unique and inimitable. In the capital of the Netherlands there are a lot of noteworthy, and you can’t get acquainted with this wonderful city in a hurry. The … Read more

Tourist’s guide to holidays in Aruba, the Flamingo Island in the Caribbean

Tourists with extensive travel experience know perfectly well where Aruba is located, but for many it will be a discovery that this island with a tropical climate is part of the country of the Netherlands with absolutely no tropical climate. In terms of practical information for tourists, Aruba is an island with its own passports, … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Cubic houses in Rotterdam

Rotterdam (Netherlands) has a long history, but its main attractions are not historical monuments, but objects of modern architecture. One of these attractions is cubic houses that attract tourists with their unusual features. These original structures have become a real hallmark of Rotterdam. Their shape is so extraordinary that it is difficult to imagine how … Read more