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Guide to Ski Areas in Switzerland

What do you think about when you hear Switzerland? Banks, chocolate and cheese, and perhaps skiin?.

This country seems to be specially created for those who love outdoor activities in the mountains. After all, two-thirds of its territory is occupied by these same mountains. And the ski infrastructure here is one of the best in the world. Because when the Swiss take on something, they do it not just well, but in the best possible way.

That is why many world celebrities prefer Swiss ski resorts. You can be 200% sure of any type of service here.

About 200 years ago, all modern ski resorts in Switzerland were ordinary villages or even just a bunch of sheds in the mountains, where shepherds grazing cattle in alpine meadows stayed for the night. But when, in the middle of the 19th century, doctors said that the cure for tuberculosis is mountain air, Swiss villages began to turn into healing resorts for the rich. At first they came here only in the summer. And only by the end of the 19th century did the winter sports begin to emerge.

The advantage of Swiss ski resorts is their accessibility. In less than three hours you can get by train or by car to the farthest point of this country. Here we list out some of the best ski areas in Switzerland.

Swiss ski resort

Best ski resorts in the Swiss Alps

No matter what part of Switzerland you go to, you will find modern ski lifts with excellent bandwidth, which is why queues are rarely present even during peak season. It is comfortable to ski from November to April, but there are resorts that receive guests even in summer, for example, Zermatt and, Staas-Fee.

1. Zermatt

This mountain resort near Mount Matterhorn has become a symbol of Switzerland, is included in the list of Best of the Alps. Want to explore one of the most recognizable peaks in the world? Then choose the ski resort of Zermatt.

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Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is a pedestrian zone, no cars allowed. Tourists travel in electric cars or horse-drawn carriages.

Skiing on the slopes of the resort of Zermatt

Vacationers accepts a hotel that has been operating for more than 130 years. One of the reasons for the popularity of Zermatt is picturesque landscapes, beautiful mountain landscapes. The highlight of the resort is that it is protected from the winds and the snow lasts all year.

The Zermatt-Matterhorn district of Switzerland unites three villages:

  • Zermatt
  • Randa
  • Tash

Nearby is the Italian resort of Cervinha. In Zermatt, there is a ski pass that gives you the permission to ski there.

The mountain resort was built at an altitude of 1620 m, the highest point – at an altitude of 3900 m. The length of the slopes is 360 km. If you are planning a trip to Zermatt, be prepared that the slopes here are high and steep enough, so courage, some preparation will be required.

Route map of the resort of Zermatt, Switzerland

The choice of slopes:

  • for experts – black routes (50) – to Trifti, Schwarzsee and below Stockhorn
  • for those with an average level of training – red routes (150) – Gornergrat, Khokhtali, Sunegg, Klein Matterhorn
  • for starters and less experienced skiers – blue routes (110) – Sunegga, Riffelberg, Trokener-Steg
Lifts in Zermatt

The resort has 35 lifts. The infrastructure is well developed. In Zermatt there are more than a hundred restaurants, bars, discos, a sports complex, and you can also fly by helicopter or ride a sleigh. There are many shops, but the price here is very high. Exhibitions and festivals are regularly held.

Ski pass prices Zermatt (season 2018/2019):

Skip Pass
  • adult one-day ski pass – from 75 CHF;
  • for children up to 9 years old a ski pass is free;
  • Children’s one-day ski pass (from 9 to 16 years) – 50% discount;
  • teenage one-day ski pass (from 16 to 20 years) – 15% discount.

Every Saturday, children under 16 years old have a ski pass free of charge.

Official site of the mountain resort –

2. St. Moritz

The list of ski resorts in Switzerland, consists of St. Moritz, which began to receive guests from 1864. Today it has become a special holiday destination. Its distinctive feature is a large selection of five-star hotels. You are likely to rub your shoulders with rich tourists who like to attend social events, shopping and luxurious restaurants.

St. Moritz - ski resort in Switzerland

St. Moritz hosted the Olympic Games twice, and important sporting events are held here regularly.

Hotel Hotel Piz St.  Moritz
Hotel Piz St. Moritz

Are you attracted to social life, and do you like to be in the thick of things? Book a room at the Hotel St. Moritz , but, of course, the price of accommodation will be appropriate. They say so about St. Moritz – here the air is like dry champagne.

St. Moritz welcomes guests at an altitude of 1850 m, next to the beautiful mountain lake Lei da San Murezzan, Rozac Peak is 3 km away. The highest point is 3303 m. It is the sunniest ski resort in Switzerland. Bright sun floods the slopes throughout the year.

Ski routes:

  • 18 blue slopes – total length 70 km;
  • 61 red lines – total length 245 km;
  • 9 black routes – total length 35 km.
Routes for skiers

St. Moritz is not the best place for skiing beginners, as the slopes are quite difficult and require some technical training.

Golf on ice

In St. Moritz, exotic, unusual events are regularly held, for example, horse racing on ice, golf on ice, polo, car parade, cricket.

Switzerland ski resort prices:

  • one-day ski pass for an adult – 73 CHF;
  • one-day ski pass for a child – 24 CHF.

Official website:

Information on prices, infrastructure and accommodation reservation is available here .

3. Grindelwald

Listed in the most picturesque ski resorts in Switzerland, as well as throughout Europe. It is located near the village of Interlaken, the “roof of Europe”, as well as the Jungfrau mountain, which you can visit with the highest railway in the world.

Mount Jungfrau

Grindelwald is on the list of Best of the Alps and, of course, is considered the most fashionable in Europe.

Ski resort Grindelwald

There are not many luxurious hotels in the resort, so it is better to book a chalet or an apartment. Regarding the complexity of skiing, this is a great choice for beginners, but if you want the thrills, you can quickly get to the Wengen ski resort.

Grindelwald welcomes guests all year round. It is part of the Jungfrau region and has been welcoming guests since 1947. The highest point here is 2950 m. It is equipped with 213 km of ski slopes of all difficulty levels.

  • black descents – 28
  • red routes – 120
  • blue slopes – 65
Trails in Grindelwald

A snow park has been built for snowboarders. In the evening, tourists can relax in restaurants and bars.

Downhill Lauberhorn

The most difficult slope is Lauberhon-Renstrecke, the longest – from Lauberhorn to Grindelwald. The most popular route is to climb to the top of Kleine Scheidegg, go down to Wengen, go up to Menlisen, and then go back down to Grindelwald.

In addition to skiing in Grindelwald, you can also do mountain climbing, paragliding, skating, sledding, and playing curling. The resort has a modern sports complex.


Subscription price for one day:

  • for adults – 56 CHF;
  • for children – 27 CHF.

Official website:

Ski pass prices: at

4. Crans-Montana

This famous French-speaking mountain resort of Switzerland is a year-round recreation area for skiing. Almost 365 days of sunny weather, clean air and healthy climate. The resort area is located at an altitude of 1.5 km. From being three small villages, Crans-Montana resort has turned into an international sports arena where ski competitions are regularly held.

Crans Montana Resort

Crans-Montana is a combination of a modern city, measured rural idyll, leisurely leisure, active, winter sports, the resort’s infrastructure meets the needs of the most demanding tourist. In addition to skiing, there is a fitness center with squash halls and pools, tennis courts, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, and walking paths. Shows, programs and auctions are regularly held here and there are about 80 restaurants.

Skiing in Switzerland

If you do not know where to learn alpine skiing in Switzerland, Crans-Montana is the best. Here the slopes of all difficulty levels are present. There are not so many professional, but you can find steep, hilly slopes. A popular track – Piste Nationale – for intermediate athletes. The resort has a specific ski area located high in the mountains.

Interesting fact! Most of the slopes are located in the southern part of the mountain slopes.

Most of the ski resort routes are adapted for mid-level athletes, trails for beginners are provided. The length of the slopes is 140 km. 24 lifts work.

Map of Crans Montana

Skiing price:

  • adult one-day ski pass will cost 52 CHF;
  • Children’s one-day ski pass – 27 CHF.

Official Internet resource:

More detailed information about the resort, prices and services is presented here .

5. Leukerbad

Leukerbad is a Swiss ski resort with thermal springs. This is one of the most popular thalassotherapy centers in Europe. Tourists are attracted by picturesque landscapes and the opportunity to improve their health. Families with children come here. The complex with thermal springs consists of swimming pools, SPA center, saunas, you can visit the hydromassage, Roman Irish baths.

Leukerbad - Switzerland's ski resort with thermal springs

Leukerbad is the best choice for beginners who want to master the technique of skiing. There are many snowboard schools in the resort, inviting those who wish to learn how to snowboard. There is a sports school for children – students hone their skills in a separate ski area. For beginners there are three green slopes. The length of the tracks is 60 km. There are 17 lifts in total serving the slopes.

Leukerbad ski slopes

Good to know! Most tracks are located in the northern part of the resort.


It regularly holds skiing competitions of various levels as well as entertainment programs. In addition to skiing, tourists play tennis, golf, do aerobics, and can paraglide. Leukerbad is the best place to relax with children among the ski resorts of Switzerland.

Daily subscription price:

  • for adults from 30 CHF;
  • for children from 18 CHF.

Official website:

6. Engelberg

When translated from the German language, Engelberg translates to “Mountain of Angels”. This is the oldest place in Switzerland where you can ski. Engelberg is located in the central part of the country, the distance to Lucerne is only 35 km. The resort will satisfy the needs of all vacationers – beginners, experienced skiers and snowboarders.

Engelberg, Switzerland

The highest point of the resort is 3333 m. In order to fully appreciate the surrounding beauty, be sure to visit Mount Titlis, which offers picturesque views. As for skiing, Engelberg offers 82 km of slopes located at an altitude of 1000 m to 3028 m.

Engelberg ski slopes

Interesting fact! Here is the longest ski route in the Swiss region – the Jochstok-Samnieplatz route, 12 km long, with a height difference of approximately 1.5 km.

It offers vacationers more than 50 restaurants, bars, discos, a cinema, camping, a fascinating park.

For tourists, there are two ski areas:

  • Bruni – located in the northern part, suitable for families;
  • Gershnialp and Trubsee – represents a plateau step.
Snowboards for jumping snowboarders

There is also a zone for snowboarders, a fan park, hiking and toboggan routes. In total, Engelberg has 28 tracks, 60% are crane tracks. There are 25 lifts.

Price for a one-day subscription (season 2018/2019):

  • adult ski pass – 65 CHF;
  • children’s ski pass – 26 CHF;
  • teenage ski pass (16-19 years old) – 45 CHF.

The official website for the spa region:

7. Verbier

The Four Valleys ski area forms the largest skiing and snowboarding center in the country. It has a common ski pass. Trails with a length of 202 km, including the longest – 13 km, are located with an elevation difference of 1,830 m (1,500 – 3,330 m). The official opening of the season in Verbier takes place on November 30, closing on May 3.

Verbier skiier
Skiing in Verbier

The resort has several slopes for beginners, but in general the ski complex is designed for amateurs with an average and expert level of professionalism. Verbier is famous for its ski schools, where experienced instructors teach the intricacies of skiing and snowboarding.

The total length of trails with different levels of difficulty:

  • blue slopes – 107 km (32%)
  • red – 202 km (42%)
  • black — 103 km (26%)

The highest point of the resort is the Mont-fort peak (3329 m) with a nearby glacier, from the top of which there is a steep descent of increased difficulty. At an altitude of 2260 m, there are snowboarding tracks and freestyle areas. The sheer wall of the Bec de Ros attracts snowboarders and skiers from all over the world.

The conquest of the famous peak and the descent from the Mont-Fort glacier is an indicator of the professionalism of freeride fans. Visiting Verbier will be interesting for fans of extreme sports. Virgin descents, freeride, super-difficult mogul black tracks with steep slopes will give you an unforgettable experience.

8. Saas-Fee

Awesome vies from Saas-Fee

Located on a glacier high in the mountains. Year-round freezing temperatures allow the resort to be closed for a short period of time, from April 20 to July 12, when there is a risk of avalanches. There are 36 tracks equipped with a total length of 100 km, the elevation difference in the ski area is 1800 m.

Black and red trails, which make up more than 70% of the slopes, are distinguished by excellent snow cover, the presence of difficult sections along the edge of the glacier, and a peculiar relief. There are 22 ski lifts on the territory of the sports center with a capacity of 26,500 people / hour. On the slopes of the mountains, toboggan runs with a height difference of 550 m are laid, slopes for cross-country skiing are well equipped, and routes for hiking in snowshoes have been developed up to 30 km in length.

Nearby is the famous Free style Park with spectacular jumps and a half-pipe. The mountain tourism center Saas-Fee is more suitable for skiers with average experience and professionals. There are few blue trails with a gentle slope for beginners and teenagers.

9. Davos

Davos at night
Davos at night

Davos is located in a picturesque valley at an altitude of 1500 m. Together with the no less famous Klosters complex, it forms seven ski areas with a total length of 320 km of slopes, united by a common ski pass. The winter season in Davos opens on November 17th and runs until April 8th. Here you can have a good time for beginners and experienced skiers, families with children, extreme snowboarders and beginners.

110 tracks of different difficulty levels are well equipped for skiing:

  • blue – 30%
  • red – 50%
  • black — 20%

There are 53 gondola, drag and chair lifts on the territory. The ski slopes in Klosters are served by two mountain trains, which are free of charge with a ski pass. The “family” mountain is adapted for the entertainment of children – ski slopes and ski lifts for kids are equipped here, a ski carousel operates.

The wide slopes of Fun Mountain with modern snow parks attract newbie skiers and snowboarders. Grandiose springboards and half-pipes are built here every year. At the foot of the mountain there is a ski area for beginners.

11. Champery

champery ski lift
Champery ski lift

The main advantage of Champery is access to the world’s largest ski area Portes du Soleil. The total length of tracks for skiers and snowboarders, under a single ski pass, is 650 km. The duration of the winter season is December 15-April 22, in the summer, tourists head here for trekking.

A variety of gentle and steep slopes allows you to choose a track of any level of difficulty:

  • green — 65 km (13%)
  • blue – 290 km (43%)
  • red – 250 km (35%)
  • black — 45 km (9%)

The lowest point of the skiing area is located at the level of 1050 m, the upper one is Mount Moset 2277 m.

There are 9 fan parks, 4 boardercross zones, 3 half-pipes for snowboarders. Cross-country skiing tracks are laid across the plain, some of them are illuminated and close at 22.00. Recreation here will appeal to all categories of winter sports enthusiasts – from beginners who have embarked on a ski track for the first time, to professionals.

12. Samnaun


The resort is part of the Silvretta Arena ski area with well-maintained pistes with a total length of 239 km, where guests are delivered by the Twineiner lift, which is unique in design. The winter season in Samnaun opens on November 28 and runs until May 3.

The resort is aimed at skiers with skiing experience, most of the marked trails are of medium and high difficulty:

  • blue – 40 km (15%)
  • red – 131 km (65%)
  • black — 38 km (20%)

Descents from the slopes, with a height difference of 1,100 m, are located in all directions of the world, more than a thousand guns serve 80 km of tracks with artificial snow. The ski sector has an excellent system of 45 lifts.

For professionals, the resort is equipped with black mogul trails, a dizzying 12 km long descent from Mount Palinkorf (2,864 m) is impressive, with a gradient of up to 70% in some sections.
In the skiing area, 15 km of cross-country skiing trails are laid, 14 km are provided for freeride, and 2 luge slopes are equipped.

For snowboarders, there is a fun park with high springboards on the territory of the complex. The vast area of ​​virgin lands on the slopes of Greitspitz will delight snowboarders of any skill level.

14. Laax

Laax is famous for its long red and black mogul trails, passing through the glacier and forest clearings. The longest descent, 14 km long, has a height difference of 1,918 m. The ski resort with the possibility of skiing in the Alpine Arena is remarkable not only for skiers – snowboarders from all over the world come here.

Beginners and professionals are attracted by long steep slopes with a huge vertical height difference, beautiful mountain landscapes. Youth parties determine the active nightlife in the resort. On the Vorab glacier there are 4 snow parks with the largest half-pipe in Switzerland, the only indoor freestyle hall in Europe, equipped on the basis of the Freestyle Academy, where you can hone your skills all year round.

The recently built Ils Plant with five ski jumps and 15 figures is popular. Nearby there is a beginners’ snow park where people with no previous skiing experience can train. Ideal conditions for freestyle are created in Laax: the area is equipped with springboards, railings, slide boxes (25 figures).

15. Falera


A charming mountain village – lovers of a relaxing holiday and families with children come here. There are many wide and gentle slopes. An ice rink with artificial ice is created annually. The sunny plateau above the Rhine Gorge guarantees stable, comfortable weather.

The sports complex is located just 3 km from Lax and is part of the Alpine Arena ski area. The boundaries between the resorts are blurred and the demarcations are a mere formality. Ski cards provide free movement between Falera, Lax and Flims and serve all three sports sectors.

16. Vercorin


Located in the Anniver Valley, Vercorin welcomes skiers and snowboarders with little to medium skiing experience, families with children and tourists looking for a less crowded holiday. There are no super-difficult and steep descents, long trails (maximum length 5 km). You can safely ride, admiring the amazing landscapes of alpine nature, without fear of queues at the ski lifts.

The sports zone is located between the marks of 1,341 and 2,374 m (the highest point, Mount Crete du Midi), 7 lifts deliver those who wish to 14 slopes with a total length of 35 km. The resort is equipped with 4.5 km of toboggan runs with a height difference of 500 m, 12.5 km of cross-country skiing and skating. For lovers of skiing in deep snow, special areas are fenced. 12 tracks are processed by the method of artificial snowmaking.

On the territory there are training gentle slopes for beginners, there is a ski school. 8 routes with a length of 45 km have been developed for snowshoe walks with an instructor, 16 km of hiking routes. For snowboarders, there is a snow park with a half-pipe. Thrill-seekers are offered a special track for descent on scooters – Trottinet.


You can safely apply the epithet “the most” to the ski resorts in the Swiss Alps. They have the most popular mountain peak, the highest railway, the largest ice grotto, the most luxurious hotels and the highest prices. Nevertheless, if you are able to find relatively cheap accommodation, the rest will turn out to be affordable and bright. Switzerland’s ski resorts are famous all over the world and, if you still do not know how to ski, it’s time to conquer learn and new peaks.

All prices on the page are for the season 2018/2019.

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