Tourist’s guide to Santa Maria del Mar – the iconic church of Barcelona

Santa Maria del Mar is one of the most unusual Gothic buildings in Barcelona, ​​and indeed in Spain. This basilica, also known as the Naval Church of St. Mary and the Naval Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​is the only surviving church in the style of pure Catalan Gothic. This unique landmark is located in the La … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Montjuic Fountain in Barcelona

The show, which shows the magic fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona, ​​is a powerful entertainment event, attended by almost 2,500,000 people annually. The fountain is a skillful demonstration of light, color and water interacting to musical rhythms. These components, mixed in the correct proportions, create real magic: beautiful music sounds around the fountain, and the … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Citadel Park – the green corner of Barcelona

Citadel Park is one of Barcelona’s oldest and most picturesque green areas. Locals like to walk here on weekends and have picnics, and for tourists, the zoo and museums are of interest. General information Citadel or Ciutadella Park is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Barcelona for both tourists and locals. It was … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Gothic Quarter in Barcelona – the heart of the Old Town

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, ​​located in the historical center of the Catalan capital, is a unique place in which the greatest monuments of culture, architecture and art are concentrated. Sandwiched between La Rambla Avenue, Via Laetana and Plaza Catalunya, it is an intricate labyrinth of narrow, crooked streets, medieval buildings and Roman ruins. Barrio … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Cathedral of Holy Cross in Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

From any corner of the Gothic Quarter, which occupies a significant part of the Old Town in Barcelona, ​​you can see the spiers of the iconic city landmark – the Cathedral. This monumental medieval temple is also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. Eulalia, the Cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Eulalia … Read more